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Collierville dad

For the last four years you at CCA have been intrusted with my largest asset, and if the truth be known probably my only asset. The assets I am speaking of are my daughter and son. The time my children spent at CCA was time very well spent and is reflective in their grades. My daughter who is now in the second grade is reading on a fourth grade level-makes straight A’s with an occasional B. My son has done very well, too. The teachers at their elementary school have asked about their early education training and have not been surprised when they are told of the time they spent at CCA. Your reputation is obviously a good one.
All of the accomplishments that my children have reached I feel are a direct result of the time and effort that you gave to not only my kids but also all of the children at CCA. For this and everything that you do I must say “Thank you.”

Written by titan-cca