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Discipline Policy

In order to create an atmosphere of harmony, sharing, and respect in a Christian environment CCA staff has researched different approaches to discipline, making our policy reflect the philosophy of Dr. James Dobson, Ph.D. (founder and president of Focus on the Family).

Dr. Dobson speaks of conveying a balanced environment, wherein discipline is evident when necessary, but where it is matched by patience and respect and affection. Shape the will of the child, but do so without breaking the spirit.

CCA staff will:


Define the boundaries before they are enforced.


When defiantly challenged, we will respond with confident authority.


Distinguish between willful defiance and childish irresponsibility. Childish irresponsibility is very different from willful defiance and should be handled more patiently.


Reassure and teach after the confrontation is over.


Be absolutely sure that the child is capable of delivering what is required. Impossible demands put the child in an unresolvable conflict: there is no way out.


Let love be our guide. A relationship that is characterized by genuine love and affection is likely to be a healthy one.

“If it is desirable that children be kind, appreciative, and pleasant, those qualities should be taught—not hoped for. If we want to see honesty, truthfulness, and unselfishness in children, then these characteristics should be the conscious objectives of our early instructional process. If it is important to produce respectful, responsible young citizens, then we should set out to mold them accordingly”.

- J. Dobson

Our goal is to provide an environment in which your child can learn and have a good time while they are with us each day. We believe that by having a discipline program that is both warm and demanding, our teachers will be able to put the majority of our energies into academics and enrichment.