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Early Education

We offer full time care for our youngest learners, ages six weeks up to two years.

This care is on demand, meaning our teachers cater to each child's individual eating, sleeping, etc. schedules and works with parents to follow what their children are doing at home.

Teachers of our youngest children have a plan for learning that is all-inclusive and centers on connections and relationships. Teachers respond to each child's needs in a loving, respectful, and sensitive way that promotes attachments through interactions occurring during caregiving routines or when teachers just play, sing or read to them. Each small interaction involves physical, social, and emotional development through relationships.

Early Education Program (EEP - Ages Six Weeks to Age 2)

Full Days Available Only (6:30am - 6:30pm)

One Year - $238*

Infant - $260*

*Prices subject to change

Infant Education
(6 weeks -12 months)

Communication between teachers and families is ongoing and helpful. Our teachers keep daily logs of children so parents receive a written and detailed daily report about their day. Tummy time is important since it gives babies freedom to explore, move in different positions unassisted, and facilitate development in the gross motor area. Teachers talk in pleasant, calm voices, using simple language and frequent eye contact while acknowledging their accomplishments.

Toddler Education
(12 months - 24 months)

Toddler teachers use the educational approach based on problem-solving. This is how toddlers learn to make things happen in their world. Most importantly, play is the main ingredient because the benefits of play are enormous for developing skills and learning concepts. Play can be an avenue to early literacy skills. Through play, children get involved in open-ended exploration not confined by rules, procedures, or outcomes. Children have self-direction and power. Toddlers are easy to satisfy as long as they have room to move and things to examine and manipulate. Communication is very important between teachers and families through written communication and short conversations during each day.