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Health and Safety

Your child’s health is a matter of major importance to us.

For the protection of all students, Collierville Christian Academy is a well facility. We urge parents to keep children at home when they are ill, since our school is not equipped or staffed to provide care for sick children.

**For more specific information, CCA’s Supplemental Health and Safety Manual will provide answers. We strictly enforce our health and safety policies for the protection of all children at school. Parents will also be promptly notified of the occurrence of any communicable disease among the children.

IMMUNIZATIONS: Parents MUST complete all enrollment forms for the child and a current immunization record signed by a healthcare provider MUST accompany the child BEFORE admission. Each child must receive all immunizations before entry unless there is a written medical reason certified by a healthcare provider why these immunizations should not be made. Also, children 8 weeks to 30 months must provide the center with verification of a health examination signed by a healthcare professional.

EMERGENCY INFORMATION: We must have EMERGENCY INFORMATION on file for each child. Parents must keep the office informed of any telephone, address, or job changes.

INJURY: In case of injury or illness that requires immediate medical attention, we will call 9-1-1 and then contact parents to relay what has happened. If needed, we will take appropriate measures to have children transported to the proper facility for medical treatment. In the event the parent cannot be reached, emergency contact persons designated upon enrollment will be contacted to act on your behalf.

FIRST AID AND CPR: The majority of our staff is trained in Pediatric / Adult First Aid and CPR and is available at the school at all times.

GIVING MEDICATIONS: If a child must be given medication by school staff, specific instructions regarding dosage and times must be in writing and signed by the parent. CCA will provide the appropriate forms. Each bottle must be in the original container clearly labeled with the child’s name. This medication must be given to appropriate administrative staff for proper storage of each medication. NEVER SEND MEDICATION INTO THE CENTER WITH YOUR CHILD OR IN HIS/HER BACKPACK.

SEVERE WEATHER DRILLS: Fire Drills are performed monthly, ensuring that every person in the school knows how to handle this kind of emergency. Tornado, earthquake, and lockdown safety drills are also practiced with the children and staff regularly.

PICK-UP OF CHILDREN: Parents must fill out an authorization that gives persons other than the parent permission to pick up children. We will check the ID of an authorized person before your child will be released to them. We STRICTLY enforce this policy for the safety of the children.

OUTDOOR PLAY: Outdoor play is an important part of our program. Please see that your child is suitably dressed to play outside in hot/cold weather. We are not staffed to keep children inside while their class is outside. The only exception is when a written note is provided from your child’s healthcare provider stating a medical condition that will limit outdoor activities.

MONEY AND TOYS: Parents are asked to see that children do not bring money or toys to the school except for special and/or planned activities.