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Mission Statement, Philosophy, and Goals

Mission Statement

The mission of Collierville Christian Academy is to provide families with an enriched, comprehensive, educational program for children that is guided by Christian principles which nurture fresh minds and strong spirits, while developing a solid academic and spiritual foundation.


It is our philosophy that children develop and learn best in a safe and healthy environment where they feel secure. Having an understanding of God and learning virtues are a significant part of building a child’s character and one of the most important aspects of overall development.

Learning programs are managed by qualified early childhood educators that teach within an organized framework, set developmental objectives and goals, refer to curriculum standards, and implement teaching plans that are appropriate based on the child's level of development. By offering students opportunities to act on their environment and relate to what they know through hands-on, real life experiences, our teachers ensure plans are closely tied to the ways in which children learn best.

Also by incorporating good social and emotional experiences into the academics, their knowledge is uniquely developed.

Program Goals

At Collierville Christian Academy we have the following goals for our students:

  • To maintain an experienced, qualified teaching staff that uses Christian principles when teaching young children.
  • To ensure learning programs focus on developing skills and knowledge that will serve each child throughout their lifetime.
  • To create an environment that promotes fun learning experiences to be enjoyed and remembered.
  • To develop positive relationships with each family and to foster the individual development of each child.

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