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Pre-K Classes

The core experience lesson plans are:

  • Physical Science
  • Life Science - Plants and Animals
  • Life Science - People
  • Earth and Sky Science

Each topic has 3 sections:

  • A Spark! Core experience to focus interest
  • An in-depth investigation of the subject
  • Extensions to other curriculum areas

The first part

describes the core or central activity that introduces the children to the idea to be explored and the spark to ignite interest in knowing more. This is hands-on, doing, exploring, and discovering.

The second part

gives an explanation of the basic scientific idea being explored, some findings that might occur, and some open-ended questions to encourage deep thinking, predicting, learning, and a desire to know more. This is thinking, inquiring, reflecting, describing, analyzing, and internalizing observations.

The third part

suggests some activities from other curriculum areas that will deepen the learning and extend the interest. This is recording, instilling knowledge at the appropriate developmental level, synthesizing what has been experienced, and paving the way for a sense of excitement, curiosity, and eagerness when the topic is encountered again.

Be Real Scientists

Students will begin to understand there are reasons that things happen, that things and happenings are interconnected, and that there is a "big picture." They will begin to learn to develop hypotheses, design ways to test them, and record and compare data. Our teaching staff will clearly present the close and complementary relationship between Christianity and science. Through exploration and discussion, the children can learn that science is part of their lives--and that it's a lot of fun!