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Pre-K Classes

Four and five-year-olds have an increased capacity for learning math concepts.

They use logical reasoning to solve everyday problems and can effectively use language to compare and describe objects and shapes. They can count to "100", recognize written numerals "0 - 20" and add and subtract using numbers up to "10". Four and Five-year-olds know how to graph, understand measurement, and problem solve.

Age-appropriate math lessons listed below are included in the math curriculum:

  • What is Number Sense
  • What are Number Operations
  • Whole Number Operations
  • Connecting Math and Literature
  • Teaching Math Vocabulary
  • Teaching with Math Manipulatives
  • Fractions - Games to Develop
  • Fraction Number Sense
  • Fraction Math Manipulatives
  • Geometry and Spatial Sense
  • Attribute Blocks
  • Sorting Games
  • Graphing Activities
  • Teaching Measurement
  • Review of Number Activities
  • Learning Numbers
  • Number Games
  • Numbers and Counting
  • Fractions
  • Patterns
  • Problem Solving
  • Math and Literature
  • Ordinal Numbers