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Collierville dad

For the last four years you at CCA have been intrusted with my largest asset, and if the truth be known probably my only asset. The assets I am speaking of are my daughter and son. The time my children spent at CCA was time very well spent and is reflective in their grades. My daughter who is now in the second grade is reading on a fourth grade level-makes straight A’s with an occasional B. My son has done very well, too. The teachers at their elementary school have asked about their early education training and have not been surprised when they are told of the time they spent at CCA. Your reputation is obviously a good one.
All of the accomplishments that my children have reached I feel are a direct result of the time and effort that you gave to not only my kids but also all of the children at CCA. For this and everything that you do I must say “Thank you.”

Collierville parents

As you know, this was our first experience with childcare outside of family members. We could not be more pleased and can feel really good about going to work and leaving them. Our daughter and son are happy and enjoy being there. Your staff always takes the time needed to make sure every activity is a learning experience and one they enjoy. My husband and I always are made to feel part of CCA, also. We are always treated with courtesy and there are never questions or requests that go unanswered. We are very fortunate to be part of CCA and appreciate what everyone does for us.

A Collierville father

My wife and I want to personally thank you very much for taking care of our daughter these past five years. CCA is an excellent facility and everyone there seems to have their priorities straight


I am impressed at everything you do for our children. I thank God my boys have a clean, happy, safe, and educational place to go every day.

Chase’s mom

I am very pleased with the progress my son has made during the last two years he has been with you. I have recommended Collierville Christian Academy to many friends and will continue to do so in the future. Your staff has been great! The teachers are wonderful at stimulating the children’s minds to get them to learn and also teaching them that learning can be fun. I truly appreciate each and every one of you.

Christina’s mom

I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to the entire staff of Collierville Christian Academy. My daughter loves every minute that she spends at CCA. As you know, a working parent’s biggest concern is not only to make sure that their child spends time in a safe, and stimulating environment, but also an environment which they will enjoy. Therefore, I cannot describe the peace of mind that our family enjoys knowing that our daughter wakes up every day looking forward to spending time at “her school.”
Please thank all of the teachers that care for our daughter